Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finding Magic

Cierra wouldn't stop reading all day.
(this is not a bad problem to have)

I love finding a book that you can't put down
where all you want to do is read,
you're sad when it's over
and you know you can never read it the first time
ever again

Cierra was having that kind of day

She wouldn't pay attention to any of my "teaching"
my carefully crafted mini-lesson on questioning the text
my strategies for revision

Twice I saw her reading out in the open
while I was reading aloud and giving directions
(not even hiding it under her desk!)
I pretended not to see.

Cierra, I give you 45 minutes to read during the day and 15 at the end...
can't you pay attention?

But I LOVE this book. I can't stop! she'd yelp.

When tutors came from the fancy private school
with work finished early, I suggested Boggle or Scrabble
to bridge worlds

Can we read instead? she and Latora protested

I shake my head

This is the legacy
I want to leave my students...

that they find this moment
when reality and fiction mesh
laying on the carpet
book in hand
you can't put it down.

Finding magic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was just able to check yor blogs for the first time... and this will now most definately become my favorite distraction to studying :) emily. it is so good to hear you write again. i cannot remember the last time that i was able to read your words. they are just as beautiful as i remembered when i was little. thank you for beginning to share them with us all again :)

2:32 PM  
Anonymous kathleen said...

this makes it ALL worth it, yes?
the eye-rolling,
the teeth-sucking,
the passive-agressive mumbling,
the in-your-face blatant disrespect...

all of it is wiped away with
moments like these.

stellar portrayal.

10:17 PM  

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