Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Having a Toilet

you take it for granted
but after monitoring water
planning lunch breaks
around the rest room
walking up the street
to school to use
the lavatory
this is the moment

We named August 26
to move
and so
I paint and sand
through the npr
with one eye
on the future.

The living room and kitchen in progress...


Blogger Kathleen said...

it is going to be beautiful!
i am happy for you, girl.

and happy that you don't have to use the school's bathroom anymore...lol

12:30 AM  
Blogger twitches said...

Nice kitchen! Love the color, too.

And yeah, having a toilet is a good thing.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!a toilet! The simple things in life. : > )

7:52 AM  
Blogger YtsirkRedyns said...

I think you should celebrate "The MM Toilet Day" every year to remember how far you have come! Hurray!
I love the colors...I especially love the lights in the kitchen. So cool! I cannot wait to see it in person!!

6:01 PM  
Blogger Deezee said...

looks amazing...(uh, kinda more focused on the kitchen than the toilet, though I do like the shape of that groovy water tank!)

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking great Em- I'm glad you chose my accent color for the kitchen! :) Love, AMPC

6:06 PM  
Blogger snowsparkle said...

cool! love the colors!

5:15 AM  

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