Monday, February 13, 2006

Between the Lines

On Friday, I answered questions during morning circle.

A parent meeting had occurred the night before so
rumors were flying around
about the potential closing of our school

Since it was the end of a long week, I was anticipating
comments like, I hope it does close.
I don't care about this stinky school anyway.

That's what my kids say when they're angry and frustrated

I've learned to read between the lines
realize protection comes
in tough talk

sometimes we all say things we really don't mean

So I was surprised when instead they said...
This is my school. They can't close it.
Can we have a fundraiser?
How can we stop this?

And when some kids chose to write letters later in the day
they didn't mention the fantastic gifts donated at Christmas
or our beautiful building or gym every day

They said...
We have smaller classes so our teachers can give us more attention
Our teachers help us to learn things
Teachers want your mind to know things so they don't just pass you on to the next grade
Come visit our 5 star school so you can see how great it is

They get it.
They notice the important stuff and
understand that it matters.
Some days, it's nice to remember.


Anonymous katie said...

em is a piece of hope...that maybe sometimes they all really do get it...thank you for sharing katie

11:41 PM  

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