Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One More Chapter

The best time of the day
with my ten and eleven year old girls
is after gym

the lights are turned off
we lay on the carpet
and I read aloud

I pick a book with chapters that make you hang
from your fingertips--
you always want more

Usually the first few days they complain.
They don't like this new book, they liked the other one.

But I know they'll be hooked

Read one more chapter!
We promise we'll be good the rest of the day!
Just one more!!!!

I sigh.
Page ahead a bit.
Okay. One more. As if
I'm granting the biggest favor in the world

I don't tell them it makes my day
to see them falling in love
with a story.

What we're reading...


Blogger madness rivera said...

So, I have a 10 year old that loves chapter books and I'm gonna run with all your suggestions.

Thanks for the great comment on my post yesterday. And I loved the perfectly timed Lamott quote.

12:10 PM  

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