Thursday, March 16, 2006


today after THE TEST
my own nerves frayed
from glancing over the
huddled shoulders
of my eleven-year-old warriors
I gave 'free time'
so they could play Boggle
and color the Bratz pages
Yasmin brought into school...
we made copies for everyone

Briana said,
"Can I just read my book?"

She's obsessed with the
Cirque du Freak series--
which she was not permitted to read
if she finished a section of the THE TEST early
because regulations stipulate

but once the booklets
have been locked and secure
and we can get back to the business
of real reading

when the only questions
are your own

we can stretch out
across the floor
because there isn't a test
that can measure
us reading under desks
and bed covers
and falling in love with
a story

Yes Briana,
read your book--
you've passed with flying colors


Blogger Kathleen said...

ok. now i am trying to hide the tears in my eyes as i finish the test with my shorties.
excellent post emily.

i love reading time, too.
isn't it great when they are layered all over the room with pillows and blankets and it is silent with
eager readers devouring word after word?

our school rocks.
and you are the amazing one who brought this method to our little, special school.

11:37 AM  

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