Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Secret Stories

Today I told my class we'd be writing
about our secrets.

I don't have anything to write about!
they whined in chorus.

That's okay, you don't need to write anything.
I'm going to tell you my secrets.

So I told them about my dentist
who would give me these squishy
cartoon-shaped erasers
(which didn't erase)
but I loved the way the rubber
felt against my teeth.

Only, when you put them in your mouth
you got these little bite marks all over
Fred Flintstone and Scooby Doo--
which was less than desirable.

So I bit on my sister's erasers instead
I guess telling myself she wanted
headless cartoon erasers.

My secret unveiled,
the stories started--

kicking a vase over
rubbing black shoe polish on beige boots
smearing lotion across a mirror
peeing on purpose
stealing mascara from the drug store
sneaking out of the house

we talked
and laughed
and shared

pulling our secrets
from beneath our ribs,
holding them up
to examine

Tomorrow we write.

(This great teaching idea)


Blogger Kathleen said...

oh jeez, emily! what a great idea!
i love it!

only...i am a bit
anxious to see what
the girls write....


and now i guess
your sister knows
who bit her erasers...

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Jorge said...

Sooooooooooooooo, my sweet little ECM, you are the one who left all those headless creatures around the house. I have to know, though, what did you do with their heads? Did they become fecal matter???? Or, were they deposited under the beds, in closets? Are they hidden behind our walls, so that someday, when someone is doing major rennovations in this old house, they will find the remnants of these rubberized bodies in the crevices and lathe of our home? Oh, so sad they will think, that a child was so deprived of a vibrant childhood and had to decapitate his or her precious play things. But if they, at some time in the future, would happen upon this blog, they would realize that your childhood wasn't really a disaster...it was a preparation for your future - an experience that would help you to share the truths of your youth that would help these lucky kids to share their valuable lives with this wonderful world.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous IOCM said...

We all knew who bit the erasers! But we all loved you and I never see a bite on an eraser without thinking of you!
: > )

7:16 PM  
Anonymous anna said...

:) i am smiling.....a little sister just had a secret unveiled to her as well... i love windows into YOUR childhood...they always feel so mysterious and rare... em.. your blogs move me from tears to giggles... thankyou!!!!
there is nothing more freeing than giving a voice to secrets....

12:41 AM  
Blogger madness rivera said...

Great exercise! I love creative writing assignments. This was a brave one.

3:58 PM  

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