Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why I'm a Teacher

because today at the bottom of a letter
Jazzey wrote
PS xoxoxo

because Lawanda needed help
in the bathroom
when, for the first time
she got her

because at the end of the day
my worldly wise class
had questions,

if you wear a tampon are you still a virgin?
what are hormones?
can two women make a baby?

I trust my mom and you to tell me about this stuff
Myesha confides

because having dinner with my mentee,
once my fourth grader
now turned fifteen,
listening to her
complicated world--

a dead brother
a too old boyfriend
a neighborhood leaving her
anxious and scared

I can still see her
ten year old
little-girl heart
her same smile
her vibrance

These slippery moments
build up a wall of hope
bombs it to rubble--
day after day



Blogger Kathleen said...

awwww man emily...
this post kills me...
your mentee does seem so much oh man...
and i feel badly cuz my patience wears so thinly with
the older girls...
and my shorties will be in that category next year.
even my baby-bunny shortie.
what will happen to their 10 year old little-girl hearts?


again. i am so glad they are coming to you. i know you will take good care of them.


12:41 AM  

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