Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How I Found Myself at Burger King after Yoga

Lawanna pushed all my buttons
at the end of today
so that I left school proclaiming
I'm going to yoga so I can relax
which I did successfully
until I rolled out of the parking lot
to get my Baja Fresh burrito
before heading back home.

Flat tire.

My '92 subaru has been a champ
with the breaking down from time to time
but the tires!
every other month it's a flat tire
rotating through to one or the other
twice they've gone flat while I'm in the left lane
zipping up the highway
so I was thankful to be merely in the suburbs
a stone's throw from the yoga place

I should put AAA in my phone
(the cell I finally decided to get
after a tire blow out summer '04)
at 7:50 they say someone will be there by nine
I make some phone calls, write some lists
look for tow trucks.
No luck.

By nine I call again.
Half-hour the dispatcher cheerily reports
I fiddle with the radio
realize I need to pee
and think about how I haven't eaten since lunch
which was merely cheese and crackers

My thankfulness for safe harbor
sinks into irritation
(I'm not a happy hungry person)
as the minutes tick by
and all the yogapeacefulness
starts to tighten up again

9:20 the phone rings
15 minutes sorry for the delay
yes. me too.

of course, at this point in my tire life
I should be changing tires like AAA pros
but they have easily accessible jacks
while I need to rumage through my teacher trunk
past the blankets, shovel (winter)
lawn chair (summer)
school supplies (you just never know)
and an ecclectic group of other items
to get to the spare
let alone a jack

Tire repaired
I head on back to the city
trying to think of where I might find some food
at this late hour
the burrito a dashed hope at nine
I settle on a little place with good sandwiches
Can I get something to go?
Um, we just closed the kitchen.

It's the time after 10.
And this is how I land in the Burger King
drive-through because you can't walk-in
after ten, which I prefer
because the driver's side window on the '92 subaru
won't roll down

I do not believe a junior whopper with cheese
should ever follow a yoga class
but some things do not go as we plan
so you give thanks
for a phone to call from
for AAA
a car to drive
and food to eat

It's enough.


Blogger Kathleen said...

oh girl....
next time. call me.
jeez...i had no idea that you were going through that!

for the record.
one world cafe serves food til late.
not that you want to hear
that you could've
had a spirulina smoothie
or a salad
instead of b.k.

did you end up going through the drive thru?

3:45 PM  
Blogger Deezee said...

so glad to land on your blog...and oh how I could relate here...that trunk description...the feeling we should do it ourselves...the call of yoga and how easily it can wear off....

and thanks for visiting my site...

10:37 PM  
Blogger snowsparkle said...

i'm in love with your posts... or more truly, the spirit in them. i love the gentleness you bring into the world and to yourself. and i agree about bk following yoga... i couldn't think of any more opposite experiences. hope you have a beautiful day today.

9:41 AM  

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