Saturday, April 01, 2006

More Than Right Now

Education made the news this week
when THE STATE decided to take over
eleven failing city schools

The CEO, the mayor, the school board
all cried out to the tv cameras
how unjust this was
they just needed a chance
to make it better

One high school, Douglass, graduated
Thurgood Marshall and the city
authorities ranted at what a shame it was,
with such a long, proud history
that they should lose this high school

But this is a school where
only 4% could pass the state-wide Algebra exam
only 14% in English
Is this the legacy Thurgood Marshall wanted?
To stand up and protect a
rotting system?

These days the only thing that I have learned
is that there are no easy answers
in a city that separates the
rich and poor like
oil and water

never meeting

The private schools
on leafy campuses
are different countries
compared to a zoned school
like Douglass--
a place you don't choose
but are sent,
where we're happy when a bunch of kids
manage to graduate
while up the road
we send graduates only
to the best colleges

I don't know if the state has a solution
but right now
the kids of this city
need more than they have


Blogger Kathleen said...

ya' hit it right on the head, girl.
well said.
well said.


9:43 PM  

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