Sunday, December 27, 2009

Turning East

Before we left the west coast,
we spent some time at Jiffy Lube to get our oil changed.

Thankfully, we were in little India
and were able to procure a samosa snack
while we waited.

And then checked out this recommended pizza shop
for lunch before we took to the roads.

We ended up in the desert by nighttime.

It's amazing that you can wake up in the Parc 55 Union Square
and by 11:30 be driving down the interstate
having already been looking for a motel, any motel, for an hour.
We found this one a little after 12.

You had to check-in at the Chevron across the way.
No wi-fi, no non-smoking option and I wished
I had my college shower flip flops
but I was grateful for the bed, the only bed
for many, many miles.

Today was filled with amazing scenery
that changed often
and is so different
from the east coast.


Blogger Kathleen said...

hee..."college shower flip-flops".

10:15 PM  

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