Sunday, December 20, 2009

Assassination Vacation

Somehow in the past two days
we've managed to see museums
commemorating both the JFK and MLK

The book depository

Todd at the grassy knoll

More to come tomorrow.
The motel wi-fi is a little funky.


Blogger Kathleen said...

i think this trip is just such a fabulous idea!
i can't wait to hear all about it. and how you made the decision to do it!

wish you were here for the snow, too. it is pretty crazy here!
of course, it happens while NSA is on break. it NEEDS to happen in january, too! i'll keep my fingers crossed for that to happen.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

you guys are really moving! i hope that you are enjoying sure looks like you are. beautiful pictures em! i can't wait to see the extended version when you return. :) good luck driving!

6:36 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Em, you guys are moving...and missed the "best snowstorm baltimore has ever had", so a man on the streets informed me today:)
Love to you both...

7:22 PM  

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