Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I finished my story...
can I write something else?

Three different fifth grade girls
asked this question today
as if asking for a third dessert

as if I would say no...
no more writing for you today
it's back to eating vegetables

and unearth some ancient workbook
from the back of a closet

Sure, I tell them
You can write some more
smiling behind my eyes
because they've tasted
language like chocolate
words like hot cheetos
you shove in your mouth
till your tongue burns
like hot sauce

Crave it like junk food
I mutter to myself

This is just one door
in your tenth year of life
to the whole of the world

breathe the air
it's like sugar
dive in


Blogger Deezee said...

what can be better for a teacher than a student asking to write more?!! wonderful.

2:23 AM  
Anonymous susanna said...

Hooray! Did their question - Can I write something else? - make your day? You should be congratulated for inspiring your students to want more, to learn more, to express themselves more. Good work, E!

3:25 PM  

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